General Consultation
Laser Assessment
Includes scan fee of €25
Postoperative Assessment

There is no charge for post-operative LASIK visits in the first year as these are included in the treatment price.

Visual Field Test

Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK / LASEK)

Blackrock Clinic has a laser eye surgery cost of €2200 per eye.

Presently Laser Eye Surgery is a tax-deductible expense so a further 20% can be claimed back from the revenue (Net Cost €1760 per eye).

This price applies to either type of treatment (Bladeless wavefront LASIK or LASEK)

Self-Pay Cataract Cost

Many patients without insurance opt to have cataract surgery performed privately in Blackrock Clinic rather than waiting for an appointment in public hospitals.

Blackrock Clinic fee €995; Surgeon fee €1000; Anaesthetist fee €400; Pre and Post-op Visit €350 (€200/150); A biometry scan to measure lens size is required €95 (both eyes are measured);

Total for single eye cataract surgery €2840 (€2272 Net after Tax rebate from Revenue)

If a premium lens is required by the patient this will result in an additional fee of €250 for toric lenses up to 3.5D of astigmatism and €500 for toric lenses up to 8D of astigmatism. If the patient requires or chooses a multifocal lens to allow some near vision as well as distance vision then the additional cost of this lens will be €500.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery is covered by all healthcare insurance companies (Plan B equivalent and up). It is imperative that patients consult with their health insurance company to check that they are covered for treatment (Code 2802 for Cataract Surgery). If you are under the age of 60, some health insurance companies must now give a letter pre-approving your treatment costs.

If you decide to opt for either a multifocal IOL or Toric IOL you will be billed for the cost of the special order lens separately. (Multifocal €500, Toric approx €250-500). Prior to cataract surgery the replacement lens power must be calculated using biometry. The fee for this test is €95 for both eyes and is charged by Blackrock Clinic.

Corneal Cross-linking for Keratoconus

Corneal Cross-linking for keratoconus €1600. Irish Life currently covers some of the cost of this procedure (code 2801). You must check with them prior to treatment to ensure that some of your costs are covered.

Laya healthcare may also cover some of the cost but again pre-approval is required. It may up to 7 days to get approval from Laya. VHI does not cover the cost of cross-linking.